About me
I first developed and printed my own photos at twelve  years old - a very long time ago.
I'm a research pathologist, and a self-taught ("Autodiktat") photographer.
I've been lucky enough to have learnt from some very skilled medical photographers.

I started with analogue photography and the wet darkroom. Large Format, Zone System, Selenium Toned Prints, Cibachrome prints, and so on. Then I moved over completely to digital when the Canon 5D arrived in 2005.
I am now moving back to shooting large format Tri-X as well (5"x4", or 4"x5" in American).
 I then scan the negatives and print them digitally. 

What do I photograph?

Feral Nudes
Female nudes in wild countryside.

I'd love to sell you a print
That helps to fund more photography
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